Support & Troubleshooting

Speed Issues

To do a live speed test on your box, open the browser (on the box) and go to and do a live download speed test. We recommend a speed of 3mbps+ to get the best from the box. If you are getting less than this then please contact your provider to see what speed you should be getting. Alternatively move the router closer to the box or use a ethernet cable to see if you can get a better speed.

If you are getting more than 3mbps download speed but the box is still buffering and not loading any videos then go to settings, select the app you are having trouble with and press “clear cache”. This should get the app working as it should.

Android Box seems slow

If you have the MXQ it will load a bit slower than the M8/M8S 2 GB. However you can clear the memory to try and improve speed. To do this, simply press and hold the Menu Button on the remote for a few seconds. It should pop up and say it has cleared some memory. Also, when loading things like TV seasons in Add-ons like Genesis for the first time it might be slow, but after you’ve loaded it once, the time should decrease in the future. Another factor is if a show has a large amount of seasons, it can take longer.

Also Kodi if not opened in a while will install updates so it is best to let it update first and then begin use to avoid the box becoming slow while updating.

Kodi crashes and returns to home menu

If your Kodi crashed and now when you try to open it simply goes back to the home screen, you can fix this. For those interested the reason this happens is that when watching a TV show or movie, the Android box is downloading pieces of the video. Kodi automatically deletes these temporary files, but if it crashes before it has a chance to delete these files that can leave the storage on your Android Box full of temporary files. When the storage is full, Kodi will not start.

To fix this go to:

Files – android – data – org.xbmc.kodi – files – .kodi – temp

Hover over one file that starts with “filecache”. Now, using the trackpad or your mouse, click that file and hold it for a second or two (to click with the trackpad, just tap it) until a checkbox appears on the file. Only delete files that start with “filecache”. Do not delete any of the other files.

We can provide support remotely without you having to send us the box back to us so if you have any issues just let us know and we can remotely access the box and sort out any problems without much hassle.

If you still need help then please open a support ticket below with your order ID. Please note only support tickets with order ID’s will be answered to.