Buyers Guide

We understand that choosing an android TV box can be confusing and we often get asked what the difference between all the boxes are so we have created this short article to answer a few FAQs about the boxes.

What is the difference between all of your boxes?

This is what we get asked the most! All of our android boxes run the same apps on the android operating system so have the same content accessible on them but the hardware spec varies and that is the main difference in all of our boxes. Some of our boxes such as the T95Z Plus run on the newest version of android 7.0 operating system. The rest of our boxes run on android 6.0 which is still quite a new version which has proven successful. In fact they are still rolling out the android 7.0 boxes and the majority of boxes are still android 6.0 for the foreseeable future. All of the boxes will have access to the same content so it depends on the hardware spec you would like to choose.

The T95N 2GB/16GB android box has 2GB of RAM making it powerful enough to run resource hogging apps such as Kodi. We also have the T95Z Plus 2GB RAM android box which has an Octa Core processor making it faster than the T95N box which has a quad core processor.  We also have what we consider the best android box on the market in the X92 3GB/32GB android box that is lightning fast and is more than capable of handling multiple apps simultaneously.

Here is a android box specifications comparison table to make things a little easier:


T95N T95Z Plus X92
Quad Core Processor Octa Core Processor Octa Core Processor
16GB Storage 16GB Storage 32GB Storage
Android 6.0 Android 7.0 Android 6.0
€79.00 €114.99 €149.99