SoundBars (TV Speakers)

Looking to take your home entertainment experience up a notch? Our XGody soundbars are the perfect sound system to go with one of our android TV boxes. Don't be fooled by the affordable prices of our soundbars! We buy directly from XGody which is why our prices are so much cheaper than the competition. Pay attention to the spec of the soundbars and you will see just how good they are and all this without breaking the bank!

If you are not familiar with what a soundbar is, the are essentially a sound system for your TV. They consist of either one bar such as the BS36 or SR100 models that also have a subwoofer (bass) speaker built in or else you can go for something like the S-E018 model soundbar that has a separate subwoofer so you can really feel the bass! Either way these speakers are far superior to your standard TV speakers and will really enhance your home cinema experience.