Are you looking to take your home entertainment experience to the next level? Or maybe you are a teacher or student looking to make presentations to your class. Whatever the need we have a huge range of high quality projectors sourced directly from the manufacturer in order to cut out the middle man and bring you the best pricing possible. We have projectors that can be used with various devices including personal computers, smartphones, laptops and of course TV boxes. 
With one of our projectors you have the ability to turn your set up into a home cinema. You can use our projectors with our TV boxes or else you can use your phone or laptop to play movies, sports or TV shows and give yourself a home cinema experience all without breaking the bank. You can truly transform your viewing experience by projecting HD movies on to one of our projector screens. 

There are many different types of projectors so picking the right one for your needs is important. They come in variety of sizes so knowing your needs is key to your selecting the right projector. Our projectors start from just €99 with free shipping so we can have an option for every need and budget.

Mini Portable Projectors: Don't be fooled by the size of these projectors as they have LED bulbs and are very powerful as well as being high definition. Our mini portable projectors are low noise and have a bulb life of over 30,000 hours. These start from just €99.00 with free shipping. These projectors come with a range of connection options to your device including VGA, HDMI, USB as well as having an auxiliary input for headphones if needed. These projectors can also played directly from an SD card as an added function. 

Phone Projector: 

 All of our projectors will play from a smartphone. You can connect your smartphone to any of our projectors via USB cable. This is a great way of making your phone into a full home cinema experience. Now you can watch content from your phone on your wall or projector screen and make it as big as your projector will allow! 

Android Box Projector: You can easily connect your TV box via HDMI cable to any of our projectors thus giving you a great home cinema experience. We even offer packages of TV boxes and projectors as a bundle that will transform the way you watch TV without breaking the bank.